Email: ​Dr. Theirl does not provide clinical recommendations via email. 

  • All patients must undergo an initial examination.
  • We do not do X-rays or other diagnostic imaging in the office.
  • Dr. Theirl works to empower his patients with exercises and therapies to do at home between appointments to help minimize the frequency of in-office treatment.

We do not accept insurance directly, but are happy to fill out the claim form for you to submit for direct reimbursement. Note that not all services are insurance reimbursable. Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Consultations are never insurance reimbursable. We cannot advise on benefit details. Contact your insurance company about your out-of-network chiropractic care coverage.

Call 262-236-6110 to arrange your initial appointment.

We want to empower you with health care options so we have restructured our appointments to meet the needs of our patients.

Not sure what you might need? Dr. Theirl is happy to chat with you about your current condition and goals to help you determine the best option.

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